It’s World Backup Day!

March 31 is World Backup Day.

Now it may be not be as cool as Cupcake Day or Bacon Day, but it’s actually very crucial to recognize the importance of working, tested backups.

Backup can take many forms, from simple file-level backup, all the way to cloud services where your systems can be “spun up” and activated in the cloud nearly instantly, to get your business up and running quickly in the event of a disaster. And for those businesses that have little to no data on-site, and rely almost totally on Microsoft 365, G-Suite/Google Apps, or other cloud providers, backup is just as important to your business as well.

All too often, businesses only address their backup strategy after a failure or data loss. Sometimes, with great effort and expense, the data can still be recovered, and businesses want to make sure they are protected for the future. Other times, the date is gone forever, and businesses need to make sure they never incur such a loss again. This stems from businesses treating backup as an expense, not an investment in the continuity of their business. More than half of businesses that incur a serious data loss close their doors within one year after the data loss.

Backup is no longer just backup. The current acronym is BDRC. BDRC stands for (B)ackup, (D)isaster (R)ecovery and (C)ontinuity. Gone are the days of rebuilding servers from their operating system, then restoring all the applications and data. Modern systems take images, or “snapshots”, of the entire system, which can be restored to existing hardware, replacement hardware, or even to the cloud.

In recognition of World Backup Day, Atech Business Services is providing one free month of BDRC service with an annual, prepaid agreement. This includes a free month of any particular backup service for which your business signs a one-year agreement. Offer valid for new business clients only. Offer valid Friday, March 31 – Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

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