Windows 10

Windows 10 – To upgrade or not?

By now, most Windows users have seen the Windows 10 upgrade icon in their system tray for a while. Until July 29, 2016, the upgrade to Windows 10 will be free in most situations.

The answer on whether or not to upgrade is, well, that it depends. While the upgrade eligibility does check many items on your system, many clients have business applications that it may not check, or may report a false compatibility. These need to be verified with the software manufacturer, and, sometimes, will require an upgrade of the application. There are also other hardware considerations, and you also want to be sure that if you upgrade, all of your user PCs are upgraded together.

After July 29, the complimentary upgrade offer will end, so if you are considering upgrade your office environment to Windows 10, may need to act quickly.

Atech can not only advise if the upgrade is appropriate for your network and your users, but also plan and manage the migration, start to finish, to ensure it is a smooth one. We’ve successfully performed the upgrade in many types of environments, and we’ve also advised certain clients not to do so. Each IT environment is unique, and our philosophy is to provide a custom-tailored solution for each client.

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