Voice Services

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for (V)oice (o)ver (I)nternet (P)rotocol. There are 2 main types of VoIP systems, hosted and premise-based.

Hosted VoIP systems involve having only the phones themselves at your location. This model eliminates the need for a traditional “phone system” where a KSU or “brain” would be located in your office, as well as the cost of purchasing and maintaining the KSU. Most phone management tasks, including adds/changes/moves are completed online.

Premise-Based VoIP is a hybrid of the traditional KSU model and internet technology. While a VoIP server would still be located within your office, calls are carried over the internet, eliminating the traditional copper lines associated with legacy systems.

Each of these models can help deliver the correct solution for your business, depending on your specific needs. ATech has partnered with industry leaders to deliver both types of services to our clients. Request A Complimentary Consultation Today to help determine the right solution for your office.