Cloud Backup

Businesses run on data. They rely on it, and they expect it to be available when they need it.

Gone are the days of backing data up to tapes. Multiple, redundant backups are now the standard. And while on-site backup still has it merits, cloud backup is seamless, secure, reliable and affordable.

Cloud backups are stored in secure, off-site data centers, making them immune to physical disasters at your office such as fire, water, power, and internet. In addition to the availability they offer, they also ensure your data is protected in an alternate location, without the worry of an employee “taking data home”, which may result not only in old off-site backups, but, more importantly, risk to your data.

Our backup solution secures your data in your location, in transit, and at the secure data centers, all of which are SSAE-16 and HIPAA compliant.

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