Cloud Services

What is “the cloud”? Is it the right strategy for my business?

Simply stated, “the cloud” is the use of the internet to deliver a service to a user location. Some examples of cloud services include Hosted Exchange (email), Hosted Mail Filtering (MailProtect) and even Gmail. Many services typically rendered on-premise can be moved to the cloud with emerging technologies.

Whether or not the cloud is the right strategy for your business depends on many factors. Some businesses can benefit from moving some of their services to the cloud, while maintaining others on-premise, depending on the specific needs of each business. There are many important considerations to include when making this decision.

As a provider of both on-premise services, as well as cloud services, we can help you make the decision that will be the best for your situation. Request A Complimentary Consultation Today and find out if cloud services are a fit for your business.