Is your current IT provider properly insured?

Your IT infrastructure is the lifeline of your business. Should you trust the reliability of your network to a provider that isn’t properly insured? No one expects things to go wrong, but insurance is a multi-billion dollar business for a reason.

ATech carries not only liability insurance, but also professional liability (errors and omissions). Can your current provider show you a certificate with the same? Many smaller, single-person operations have no insurance at all. Are their employees covered with Worker’s Compensation? Are they using 3rd party contractors instead of real employees? The answer to the questions are more important than you might think. We’ve seen too many “fly by night” companies that have no protections in place for their clients or employees. Make sure you, as the client, have the peace of mind of knowing your IT management provider is insured.

Please feel free to ask to see our insurance certificate, we’d be happy to show you!

Holiday Hours

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Another summer comes to a close, and the kids are back to school!  In observance of the Labor Day Holiday, ATech’s office will be close at 1pm on Friday, September 3 and will be closed on Monday, September 6.  We will re-open according to normal schedule at 8:30am Tuesday, September 7.

Best wishes to all for a safe and enjoyable holiday!

Data Security

Do you have a flash drive on your keychain? Do you valet park your car? If you do, you may be unknowingly allowing access to your private data. Flash drives (a.k.a. thumb drives or jump drives) are everywhere. They are very good methods for transporting data, but the are also insecure.

This past weekend when I handed my keys to a valet and watched him enter my information into the computer, I noticed a flash drive connected to the workstation. “Whose flash drive is that” I thought to myself. Being in the business of worrying about people’s data, I have my flash drive encrypted so I wasn’t worried about my data, but I thought of how many un-encrypted flash drives there are out in the world.

The moral of this anecdote is either encrypt your flash drive, or remove it from your keychain before you valet park your vehicle.

Off-site Backup

Your network may be backed up locally, but what would happen in the event of a catastrophe in your office.  Where would your backups stand? Off-site backup is the solution.  It’s safe, automatic, scheduled and economical.  Contact our office today for details!