Telecom Consulting

It’s a New Year, and that means it’s time to make sure your business is utilizing the most efficient telecommunication strategies available today.

With a complete portfolio of services from VoIP to dial tone, internet to metro ethernet, and all the best-in-class carriers, Atech Business Services can find the right scenario to give your business all the competitive advantages available, while reducing your expense at the same time.

Request a no-obligation consultation today and find out how we can help your business run more efficiently.

Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Based on a recent exploit discovered in Internet Explorer 6 and up, at this time, US officials are advising that users employ an alternate browser until the issue can be resolved by Microsoft. Popular alternatives are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you need assistance, please contact our office at 877-678-0155 or

Why Your Business Needs To Leave Windows XP Behind

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the Windows XP End of Support from Microsoft. At first glance, many business may think “I don’t need support from Microsoft, so why would this matter to me”. It does matter, for several reasons:

  • The bad guys (hackers) know support is ending and that Microsoft will no longer be patching XP. This means its open season for them as any weakness they find will remain.
  • Hardware running Windows XP is very likely beyond its useful life. It has been many years since PCs with Windows XP have even been sold, and this would make any hardware that came with Windows XP much older than the normal recommended replacement cycle of 3 years.
  • Almost all Windows XP installations are only capable of supporting 4GB of RAM (memory). Windows 7 and 8 64-bit versions are capable of supporting more than 4GB, which results in increased performance.
  • Windows 7 and 8 PC are faster. Quicker boor times, faster applications and overall improved performance are another reason to upgrade to current Operating Systems.
  • Some software will no longer be supported on XP when upgraded. This is up to each individual software manufacturer.
  • There are just some of the reasons it is prudent to upgrade from Windows XP. Contact our office today at 877-678-0155 or to find out how a Windows upgrade can benefit your business.

    Surveillance System DVRs Vulnerable To Attack

    Vulnerabilities have been discovered in certain brands of Surveillance DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), allowing hackers to access the DVR, making it a host for malicious activity. Many DVRs are placed on their own WAN (Public Internet) IP with no firewall, making them easy targets for hackers, especially if the DVR has the compromised firmware.

    What do you need to do if your DVR is one of the brands in question? While it is recommended to have a firewall protecting your Surveillance System regardless of the brand, it is even more important if your system is subject to these vulnerabilities. The brands in question are typically marketed as “value” DVRs and sold in retail establishments. All DVR systems installed by ATech are not amongst the brands subject to the vulnerability.

    If you think you may have one of the units in question, or, to ensure your surveillance system is secure, Contact Us at 877-678-0155 for a complimentary consultation.

    Is your business prepared if another SuperStorm should strike?

    SuperStorm Sandy affected millions of people in the North Eastern states. While many areas are back to business as usual, some areas have yet to be able to even begin their recovery. This was a tragedy of monumental proportions, and while most inland businesses are back up and running, the time period during the storm and days afterward taught many valuable lessons.

    Many businesses have backup and disaster recovery plans (ALL should!), however, few small business are prepared with disaster continuity plans. While backup and recovery can help a business get its data back, continuity provides for continuing operations in the interim period. Continuity can take many forms, from server replication and geographic diversity to email fail-over solutions and file access.

    ATech can customize a plan for your business to ensure you are prepared to conduct operations during a disaster event. Request a Complimentary Consultation today to find out how to be prepared should another SuperStorm strike.

    Is your business email properly protected?

    Email-borne threats and spam are increasing at an alarming rate. Managing these threats is becoming one of the most crucial aspects of network management. Preventing these threats from even entering your network is the best way to protect against them.

    While you may have anti-virus software installed on your computers, in this scenario, the threats are not detected until the reach your computer, allowing them to pass through your firewall or other security measures.

    ATech’s MailProtect solution filters your email for spam, viruses, and other malware, and prevents these threats from evening entering your network. These results in improved security, reduces the amount of time wasted on spam, and increases the overall efficiency of your business network.

    Request A Complimentary Consultation Today to learn more about our MailProtect solution.

    Is your business being impacted by the phasing-out of Google’s Postini service?

    In 2012, Google announced that there will not be any renewal of Postini contracts that expire after November 1, 2012. What happens if your business is a Postini customer? What do you need to do?

    While Google is offering a similar service as part of its Google Apps, it is not a direct Postini replacement and not an automatic transition. Fortunately, your business has other options. Our ATech MailProtect service, powered by industry leader Symantec, offers all the features you enjoyed from Postini, plus other valuable additions.

    ATech can ensure your transition is smooth, and will handle all the details of your migration, causing no interruption to your email. Request a Complimentary Consultation today to find out how ATech can help you transition from Postini.

    New Managed Service Plans

    It’s a New Year, and with a New Year always comes change. At ATech, many new things are happening. In addition to our upgraded and expanded infrastructure, we’ve also launched new user-based pricing on our Managed Service Agreements.

    Why the change? The industry is shifting to user-based pricing. We believe that not only is this a cost-effective solution for our clients, but it also more closely represents the services we provide to our clients. With the advent of Smart Phones, Tablets, and other mobile devices, the model has evolved.

    Request a Complimentary Consultation today to discover how our new Managed Service Plans can take the worry out of your business IT management.