It’s World Backup Day!

March 31 is World Backup Day.

Now it may be not be as cool as Cupcake Day or Bacon Day, but it’s actually very crucial to recognize the importance of working, tested backups.

Backup can take many forms, from simple file-level backup, all the way to cloud services where your systems can be “spun up” and activated in the cloud nearly instantly, to get your business up and running quickly in the event of a disaster. And for those businesses that have little to no data on-site, and rely almost totally on Microsoft 365, G-Suite/Google Apps, or other cloud providers, backup is just as important to your business as well.

All too often, businesses only address their backup strategy after a failure or data loss. Sometimes, with great effort and expense, the data can still be recovered, and businesses want to make sure they are protected for the future. Other times, the date is gone forever, and businesses need to make sure they never incur such a loss again. This stems from businesses treating backup as an expense, not an investment in the continuity of their business. More than half of businesses that incur a serious data loss close their doors within one year after the data loss.

Backup is no longer just backup. The current acronym is BDRC. BDRC stands for (B)ackup, (D)isaster (R)ecovery and (C)ontinuity. Gone are the days of rebuilding servers from their operating system, then restoring all the applications and data. Modern systems take images, or “snapshots”, of the entire system, which can be restored to existing hardware, replacement hardware, or even to the cloud.

In recognition of World Backup Day, Atech Business Services is providing one free month of BDRC service with an annual, prepaid agreement. This includes a free month of any particular backup service for which your business signs a one-year agreement. Offer valid for new business clients only. Offer valid Friday, March 31 – Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

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Cloud File Sync & Sharing Benefits

In today’s business climate, access to data no longer revolves around being “in the office”. Users need data on their mobile devices such as phones and tablets. They also need to be able to instantly share this data with members of there team. Cloud File Sync & Sharing is the solution!

With the advent of cost-effective, cloud-based file sharing and sync, having the data where you need, when you need it, has become easier than ever. Automatically, new files and changes to existing files are uploaded to the secure cloud nearly instantly. Complete file servers can also be synced to the cloud to provide redundancy in the event of a server outage, further minimizing employee downtime in the event of a failure.

Check out of this video of our cloud-based, Secure File Sync & Sharing Solution, ShareSync.

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Windows 10 – To upgrade or not?

Windows 10

By now, most Windows users have seen the Windows 10 upgrade icon in their system tray for a while. Until July 29, 2016, the upgrade to Windows 10 will be free in most situations.

The answer on whether or not to upgrade is, well, that it depends. While the upgrade eligibility does check many items on your system, many clients have business applications that it may not check, or may report a false compatibility. These need to be verified with the software manufacturer, and, sometimes, will require an upgrade of the application. There are also other hardware considerations, and you also want to be sure that if you upgrade, all of your user PCs are upgraded together.

After July 29, the complimentary upgrade offer will end, so if you are considering upgrade your office environment to Windows 10, may need to act quickly.

Atech can not only advise if the upgrade is appropriate for your network and your users, but also plan and manage the migration, start to finish, to ensure it is a smooth one. We’ve successfully performed the upgrade in many types of environments, and we’ve also advised certain clients not to do so. Each IT environment is unique, and our philosophy is to provide a custom-tailored solution for each client.

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Ransomware and its threat to your organization

Ransomware is perhaps one of the nastiest forms of malware out there.  Once the ransomware infects a PC or server within your organization, it proceeds to encrypt or “lock” all the files it can access. On a desktop connected to a server, this can also mean all the files on any shared drive.

Once the infection has taken hold, you are unable to open any of the files it has encrypted.  Trying to do so will, in most cases, trigger a warning that your system has been infected, and that you must call a phone number or proceed to a website to de-crypt your files.  Regardless of the method, the “bad guys” are after one thing, money.  Even if you would make the decision to pay them, there’s no guarantee they won’t demand more later, or that they will even de-crypt your files once you pay.  That makes paying them not a desirable option, and, hopefully, your network is prepared so it’s not even a consideration to pay them.

So, what do you do if you’ve become infected? Most times, the most efficient answer is to restore from backups.  After the PC or server where the ransomware entered has been cleaned, and your backups have been restored, you may be back to where you were before the ransomware.

If your backups are suspect, untested, or non-existent however, data loss may very likely occur.  For that reason, in addition to managed, updated antivirus and anti-malware, your most important defense against ransomware is REGULAR, MANAGED, TESTED BACKUPS.  We can’t emphasize that enough.  The time to test is NOT after you’ve been infected.

Don’t know if your backups have been tested, or even if they have been running, or if your anti-malware/antivirus software is current and up to speed? Request A Complimentary Consultation Today.

McAfee SaaS Email Protection & Continuity EOL

As you may have heard, McAfee (Now part of Intel) intends to wind-down its SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings, many of them as of January 11, 2017. Many of our clients with Hosted Exchange services and on-premise exchange servers currently employ the McAfee SaaS offering.

At this time, we are currently evaluating alternatives, similarly to how we handled the Postini transition. We will communicate directly with affected clients, once we believe we have found and properly tested, a similar product that provides same or better features to our clients at a similar price point.

If you are not an Atech client, and need assistance migrating from the McAfee SaaS platform, please contact us at

Atech Offers 15% Discount on Consumer Services for Military/Veteran/Law Enforcement Customers

Atech Business Services is pleased to offer a 15% labor discount on all consumer (non-commercial) walk-in/drop off services for Active Duty, Retired, Reserve and Veteran Military Personnel, their spouses, as well as Active/Retired Law Enforcement (Local, County, State or Federal). This labor discount applies to all consumer services. Hardware/software or accessories are excluded.

We stand behind America’s Military Personnel and their families, as well as the Law Enforcement agencies who serve our communities, and we see this as our way of saying “Thank You!”.

For more information, please contact our office at 877-678-0155 or

Windows Server 2003 End of Life

While it had a good run, Microsoft is ending support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14.

What does that mean to your business?

If you are still running any version of Windows Server 2003, Microsoft will no longer provide support for this product. This means no more patches and no more security updates, possibly exposing these systems to any vulnerabilities that hackers may find.

In addition to the End-Of-Life date, server software and technology has changed drastically in the last 12 years. Features that were not available on previous versions are now commonplace. Cloud apps are now the norm to integrate with your on-premise server, and servers running Windows Server 2003 cannot run many of today’s cloud-integrated apps.

Atech Business Services has solutions for Windows Server 2003 End-Of-Life. From on-premise server upgrades to cloud transitions, to hybrid solutions, we can help your business make the most of your upgrade. Request a Complimentary Consultation today to find out what the options are, and which one best suits your business environment.

Is Your Business Using Dropbox for Cloud File Sharing/Syncing? Here are a few reasons to reconsider your strategy….

When it comes to sharing photos and storing family recipes, Dropbox is wonderful. That’s why it’s so popular with consumers.
But because people are so used to using it at home, millions of users have brought Dropbox into their work environment. According to Osterman Research, Dropbox has found its way into 70% of companies.

And this is a problem. Because, when it comes to business, Dropbox’s consumer roots show through. It’s not right for business. In fact, Dropbox ended up on Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s list of top banned apps because there are many file management use-cases for which Dropbox will actually leave you vulnerable.

1. Data encryption is limited.
If you’re storing financial reports, strategy documents or competitive analyses, you want them protected. But Dropbox has limited encryption and security features that can leave customers’ data exposed. Your data is sitting on the same public cloud next to content from millions of other users, without adequate isolation.

2. You can’t set different sharing permissions for sub-folders.
Sometimes a subfolder will contain data that shouldn’t be shared with everyone who can access the enclosing folder. But Dropbox doesn’t let you specify permissions for sub-folders. To protect your data, you’re forced to redo your entire folder structure. A business tool should adapt to your business processes, not force you to change them.

3. Dropbox has limited integration
With Dropbox, you get limited product integration across the tools you use every day. Dropbox doesn’t play well with Office, Exchange and Outlook. There is no easy Active Directory integration and you can’t use Exchange Distribution Lists to quickly share content with groups.

Atech Business Services has solutions that eliminate these issues. Request a Complimentary Consultation today to learn about our services that provide the convenience and collaboration options of file sharing, while solving the challenges presented to businesses by common cloud file-sharing apps.

Is Your Business Utilizing a Proper Backup Strategy and Disaster Plan?

These days, most businesses are familiar with the concept of backing up their data in some form. The question is, do you have the right backup and disaster plan in place? Many times, only a qualified IT professional can answer that. As a Managed Service Provider, one of our core services to our clients in not only setting up a backup strategy, but also ensuring the backups run properly, and performing regular testing. If your backups are not tested properly and regularly, you may find out when it’s too late that there were problems which could have been avoided. Request a Complimentary Consultation today to find out how our on-site and cloud-based secure backup options can protect your business data, ensure data security, and reduce backup costs.

Hosted PBX: Is it right for my business?

Hosted PBX is a cloud-based phone system that provides a rich feature set without costly equipment purchases, leveraging cloud-based technology to make these features well within reach of businesses of all sizes.

Certain factors may determine if Hosted PBX is a fit for your business. Some of those factors include:

  • The age of your current phone system
  • Does your company have remote or branch offices?
  • What type of internet connection does your office have? What options are available at your location?
  • What other advanced features would be beneficial to your business?
  • Hosted PBX eliminates the large capital expense of a premise-based PBX system, and, in many cases, we can even provide no-cost desk phones with our current promotions.

    We can help you answer all these questions, and provide a complimentary no-obligation telecom assessment for your business. Hosted PBX systems are available for offices as small as 1 user up to hundreds of users. Request a Consultation today and we’d be happy to tell you if it’s right for your office.